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Evacuation of Special Needs Passengers

Last year we sent a representative to Ottawa to attend the fall meeting of the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) – Transport Canada’s national consultative body for marine matters. Participants include representatives of individuals and parties that have a recognized interest in boating and shipping concerning safety, recreational matters, navigation, marine pollution and response and marine […]

Queen of the North

Silent Witnesses

Silent Witnesses  April 20, 2006 Good morning passengers and crew, this is the Captain speaking. We are now in Wright Sound. At 25 minutes after midnight, on the early morning of March 22, 2006, the BC Ferry Queen of the North went aground near Juan Point, on Gil Island, situated on our port side, the […]

Transportation Safety Issues Related to Passengers with Disabilities

  The following is the BCCTS submission to BC’s Disability White Paper Consultation: B C Coastal Transportation Society has presented the following concerns at the Canadian Marine Advisory Council in Ottawa on November 6th 2013 and the Regional CMAC meeting September 11th 2013 in North Vancouver. This presentation is regarding what the BCCTS considers to be deficiencies in […]

Authority to Enforce – Part Three – Update

Update – January, 2014  From Authority to Enforce – Part 3: “The BCCTS has made a request of the Office of the Privacy Commission to review the severed documents. With an investigator yet to be assigned it could be some time before the public will learn whether Passenger evacuation plans for the largest ferry fleet […]

BC Ferries 2013 Q2 Financial Analysis

The bad news in the just released second quarter BCFS financial statements is that nothing has changed. Revenues continue to rise pumped by fare increases. Expenses also continue to rise and this quarter at an increased rate. Traffic volumes continue to fall. It is highly likely that proposed service cuts will simply exacerbate the financial […]