BCCTS Freedom of Information Requests

 Archive of Freedom of Information and Access Requests made by the BC Coastal Transportation Society.



BCF 12-023  All asbestos inspection reports, asbestos surveys and asbestos testing results and safety committee reports including but not limited to data contained in emails and written correspondence to WCB, Transport Canada and the BCFMWU for the MV Queen of Prince Rupert, any and all of which pertain to the period of time from the date of construction to the date of sale of the vessel inclusive. Also any documentation pertaining to abatement work or repairs undertaken to address asbestos issues with this vessel for the same period of time.

12-023 Web Response Letter
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

12-023 Responsive Record: QPR Insulation Report
(PDF 13 MB /127 pages)

12-023 Responsive Record: QPR Abatement Plan
(PDF 2 MB /54 pages)

BCF 12-041  A copy of the latest asbestos audit for the BC Ferry Fleet. Also, any correspondence or internal documents, emails, etc. regarding the latest asbestos audit, inclusive of any correspondence, reports or emails related to the most current “Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health & Critically Dangerous to Life and Health Report”.

12-041 Web Response Letter
(PDF 51 KB/2 pages)

12-041 Responsive Records
(PDF 2.43 MB/86 pages)

BCF 14-031  An electronic copy of the Initial Assessment Report pertaining to the asbestos incident on the MV Queen of Burnaby 16-08-2013.

14-031 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

14-031 Responsive Record
(PDF 107 KB /3 pages)


Passenger Evacuation:

BCF 13-005  Electronic copies of all of the current and approved evacuation plans for all of the ships in the BC Ferries’ fleet. Any correspondence between Transport Canada and BC Ferries regarding any Board Decisions or other variances or exemptions to the Canada Shipping Act or any discussions regarding the evacuation of passengers requiring assistance, including requests for adjustments to crew sizes or passenger capacities.

3-005 Web Response Letter
(PDF 2.38 MB/39 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Bowen Queen
(PDF 4.93 MB/39 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Coastal Class
(PDF 869 KB/145 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Howe Sound Queen
(PDF 647 KB/16 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Island Sky
(PDF 818 KB/22 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Kahloke
(PDF 760 KB/20 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Klitsa
(PDF 723 KB/17 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Kuper
(PDF 720 KB/20 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Kwuna
(PDF 647 KB/18 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Mayne Queen
(PDF 663 KB/17 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Nimpkish
(PDF 1.90 MB/20 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Nothern Adventure
(PDF 683 KB/20 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – Northern Expedition
(PDF 819 KB/20 pages)

13-005 Responsive Records – North Island Princess
(PDF 1.57 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Powell River Queen
(PDF 727 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Quadra Queen II
(PDF 1.14 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Alberni
(PDF 2.58 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Burnaby
(PDF 849 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Capilano
(PDF 644 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Chilliwack
(PDF 1.42 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Coquitlam
(PDF 1 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Cowichan
(PDF 1.17 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Cumberland
(PDF 689 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Nanaimo
(PDF 893 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of New Westminister
(PDF 1.52 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Oak Bay
(PDF 1.33 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Queen of Surrey
(PDF 1.08 MB/45 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Quinsam
(PDF 868 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Quinitsa
(PDF 1.45 MB/28 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Skeena Queen
(PDF 1.39 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Spirit Class
(PDF 896 KB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Tachek
(PDF 1.94 MB/20 pages)

2013-005 Responsive Records – Tenaka
(PDF 1.53 MB/20 pages)

BCF 14-019  The total number of passengers the Spirit Class, all C Class, All Super C Class, Queens of Nanaimo, Burnaby and New Westminster are licensed to carry and the total number of seats that are available on each of those ships for those passengers.

14-019 Web Response Letter
(PDF 47 KB/2 pages)

14-019 Responsive Records
(PDF 68 KB/2 pages)

BCF 14-020  Any written policies, procedures or directives regarding the practice of permitting and/or restricting access to the car decks by passengers during any voyage on any run in the BC Ferries’ fleet. Also any written correspondence between BC Ferries and Transport Canada with respect to this practice or policy.

14-020 Web Response Letter
(PDF 52 KB/2 pages)

14-020 Responsive Records
(PDF 1.37 MB/81 pages)


Risk Assessments:

BCF 12-024 The tracking document for marine incidents and operational occurrences from the Operations and Security Centre for the period commencing June 2009 to date.

2-024 Web Response Letter
(PDF 49 KB/2 pages)

12-024 Web Response Letter – 2
(PDF 260 KB /2 pages)

12-024 Responsive Records – 2
(PDF 2.85 MB /34 pages)

12-024 Web Response Letter – 3
(PDF 260 KB/1 page)

12-024 Responsive Records – 3 
(PDF 2.68 MB /69 pages)

12-024 Web Response Letter – 4
(PDF 88 KB /3 pages)

12-024 Responsive Records – 4
(PDF 1.88 MB /57 pages)

BCF 14-003  The business cases inclusive of any risk assessments undertaken for the BC Ferries Vacation Centre and the BC Ferries drop trailer service. We are also requesting any correspondence between BC Ferries and the government of British Columbia or BC Ferries and the BC Ferry Commission regarding these entities.

14-003 Web Response Letter
(PDF 70 KB/2 pages)

14-003 Responsive Records
(PDF 67 KB/4 pages)

BCF 14-021  Copies of all VISORS ( Voluntary Individual Safety Observation Reporting System) reported since the inception of the program to current date. We are requesting these documents which will show the details of the VISORS in electronic format.

14-021 Web Response Letter
(PDF 76 KB /2 pages)

14-021 Responsive Records
(PDF 8.79 MB/153 pages)

BCF 14-022  All risk assessments generated concerning the meeting of any BC Ferry vessels in close-quarter waters (including, but not exclusive to, Active Pass). This would include the Force Technology “comprehensive risk assessment study” referred to in George Morfitt’s 2012 Report titled “Safety and BC Ferries”.

14-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 489 KB /2 pages)

14-022 Responsive Records
(PDF 1.9 MB/62 pages)

BCF 14-037  Details of any and all risk assessment documentation identified as being of the highest or most extreme risk.

14-037 Web Response Letter
(PDF 156 KB/2 pages)

14-037 Responsive Record  – Watertight doors
(PDF 1 MB/16 pages)

14-037 Responsive Record  – CAPI LNG Bunkering
(PDF 3 MB/69 pages)

BCF 14-038  The minutes of the Senior Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee for the period of January 1994 -December 1997 inclusive. Also copies of any reports to the SJOSH for the same time frame.

14-038 Web Response Letter
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

14-038 Responsive Records – 1994
(PDF 3 MB/99 pages)

14-038 Responsive Records – 1995
(PDF 4 MB/141 pages)

14-038 Responsive Records – 1996
(PDF 7 MB/213 pages)

14-038 Responsive Records – 1997
(PDF 4 MB/151 pages)

BCF 14-039  The minutes of the Senior Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee for the time frame of January 2008 to October 2013 inclusive. Also any reports made to the SJOSH for that time frame.

14-039 Web Response Letter
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2008
(PDF 8.3 MB/117 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2009
(PDF 3.9 MB/90 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2010
(PDF 3.4 MB/76 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2011
(PDF 3.5 MB/85 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2012
(PDF 4.1 MB/90 pages)

14-039 Responsive Records – 2013
(PDF 4.6 MB/82 pages)

BCF 14-040  A copy of the risk assessment for the deployment of the MV Island Sky to Route 17. Also a copy of the risk assessment for deployment of the MV Island Sky to operate on the modified Route 17 running from Departure Bay to Saltery in 2014. As well the risk assessment that states the weather matrix for the MV Island Sky is the same as that for the MV Queen of Burnaby.

14-040 Web Response Letter
(PDF 49 KB/2 pages)

14-040 Responsive Records
(PDF 2 MB/7 pages)



Documents concerning the grounding of the Queen of Alberni, 1979, from Library and Archives Canada.

Accident Investigation Documents 1

Accident Investigation Documents 2