About the BCCTS

British Columbia Coastal Transportation Society

The purpose of the BCCTS is to promote an affordable integrated transportation network that supports social and economic opportunities and activities for Coastal British Columbia.

The British Columbia Coastal Transportation Society’s goals are:

• To promote the maintenance of the marine transportation infrastructure and to encourage the sustainable development inclusive of a qualified and sufficient workforce that is necessary to support BC coastal communities, businesses and families.

• To inform all stakeholders regarding the economic benefits of an integrated marine transportation system that takes into account not only the realities of today but the needs of future generations of British Columbians. BCCTS will address ongoing issues of safety, accountability, and responsibilities within our marine systems and communities, providing backgrounders and information about safety, security and environmental issues that are the basis of a sustainable marine highway.

• The BCCTS intends to include ferries, ports, shipbuilding, regulatory bodies, short-sea shipping, the Gateway Project, the cruise ship industry and eco-tourism within our mandate; as well as air, rail, and ground transport.

The BCCTS was formed out of the successful Save Our Ferries Campaign, and the BCCTS oversees and operates that group’s continuing efforts to ensure ferry operators bring safe, reliable and affordable ferry services to the Coastal Communities.

The BCCTS will assist in promoting other forms of transportation on the coast and partner with other campaigns, companies and organizations to promote an integrated transportation system that will benefit all British Columbians, bringing the best quality and most affordable services to the taxpayers and marine transportation users.