Transportation Safety Board – Securitas

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) administers a program called SECURITAS that enables you to report-in confidence-concerns you may have about safety in the marine, pipeline, rail and air modes of transportation. The incidents and potentially unsafe acts or conditions you report through SECURITAS are not always reported through other channels.

        How to report to Securitas

To submit a report:

  1. Write, fax, e-mail or telephone Securitas at
    PO Box 1996
    Station B
    Gatineau, Quebec
    J8X 3Z2Tel.: 1-800-567-6865
    Fax: (819) 994-8065
    E-mail: securitas@bst-tsb.gc.caInclude the following information in your message:

    • Your name, address and phone number;
    • Your profession and experience;
    • Your involvement in the unsafe situation being reported;
    • Where else you have reported this unsafe situation or safety concern;
    • Complete identification of the aircraft, ship or rolling stock; and
    • Owner/operator of the equipment.
  2. Describe (as appropriate) the unsafe act or safety concern in terms of
    • how the unsafe act/condition was discovered; and
    • if you are describing an event, what happened, where, when (give the date of the event and local time) and why you think it occurred.
  3. Give your suggestions to correct the situation.

What not to report

Securitas is primarily concerned with unsafe acts and conditions relating to commercial and public transportation systems.

Do not report the following:

  • Illegal activities;
  • Customer service complaints; and
  • Undesirable work conditions that do not affect safety.

Reporters to Securitas are also reminded that it is an offence to knowingly give false or misleading evidence to the TSB through this program. The focus must be on advancing transportation safety through the identification of real safety deficiencies.