Safety & Regulations

Safety Management Systems, Regulations and Enforcement


The British Columbia Coastal Transportation Society continues to study how an effective Safety Management System implemented under the International Safety Management System Code (ISM) can reduce marine accidents and incidents. We are focused on both voluntary and mandatory compliance schemes. The BCCTS, through the Freedom of Information process, is attempting to determine how BC Ferries, which complies with the ISM Code on a voluntary basis, is doing compared to other ferry companies that have implemented a Safety Management System under Convention regulations.


Utilizing reports from the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB-USA), and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB-UK), the BCCTS is also investigating how Canadian authorities respond to a marine incident, compared to other countries. As part of the investigation, the BCCTS is examining the relationship between Transport Canada and its industry clients and the business aspects of the enforcement of regulations. Included in our review is the question of how effectively TSB recommendations are being implemented and followed.