Save Kitsilano Coast Guard Base

Save Kitsilano Coast Guard Base

Kitsilano Coast guard is located at 1661 Whyte Ave just near Museum of Vancouver. The rescue team is responsible for the maintenance of the station and it’s array of rescue equipment as well as attending to rescues when called on by the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC), Victoria.

The station serves a primary response area of Vancouver Harbour, Howe Sound, English Bay, Lower Fraser River and Indian Arm. The station occasionally responds to calls from the South Arm. Depending on response required, CCG Kitsilano personnel may travel as far a field as Sechelt.

The CCG holds responsibility for all marine search and rescue in Canada. They coordiantes rescue operations with Canadian Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other organizations. In accomplishing these tasks, CCG has a sizable fleet of vessels and aircraft, all serviced from various bases and smaller stations located on three coasts.

While the Coast Guard’s mandate is to provide rescue service for the local voating public, the agency may also participate in regional disaster incidents when requested by PEP. CCG provided equipment during Kelowna forest fires in 2003 and provided fuel to Prince Rupert during the flooding in 2007. Such involvement in regional disaster management is coordianted by JRCC and CCG Regional Operations Centre.

Coast Guard Personnel are not armed, except for certain fisheries officers carrying out enforcement duties in conjuction with their work. Other operational personnel in Marine units are neither trained nor equipped with protective apparel to deal appropriately with firearms incidents.