TSB Accident Investigations

Some accident investigation reports and recommendations:

Queen of Alberni (1979)

Supporting documents from the accident investigation into the grounding and evacuation of the Queen of Alberni in Active Pass.

Grounding of the Queen of Alberni

Accident Investigation Documents 1

Accident Investigation Documents 2

Queen of Victoria (1970)

Queen of Victoria Formal Accident Investigation 3rd December 1970

Queen of Victoria Collision

Formal Accident Investigation

(see also actual film coverage of the event)

Queen of Alberni

Collision Between the Ferry “QUEEN OF ALBERNI”, and the Bulk Carrier “SHINWA MARU”


Queen of New Westminster

Fatal Accident to Passenger Vehicle Involving, the Ferry “QUEEN OF NEW WESTMINSTER”


Grand Fleuve

Striking of the Ferry Wharf by the Passenger Vessel “GRAND FLEUVE”


Burrard Beaver

Striking of the Canada Place Dock by the BC Transit Ferry “BURRARD BEAVER”


Simcoe Islander

Capsizing of the Cable Ferry “SIMCOE ISLANDER”, in Boat Channel


Mayne Queen

Striking, of the Marina in Snug Cove, by the Ferry “MAYNE QUEEN”


Joseph Savard

Grounding – of the ferry “JOSEPH SAVARD”


Mayne Queen

 Grounding of the Ferry “MAYNE QUEEN”


Wolfe Islander III

Dangerous Occurrence, Passenger-Car Ferry “WOLFE ISLANDER III”


Cable Ferry “F-39”

Ferry Cable Failure, Cable Ferry “F-39”, Westfield Ferry Crossing


Kent Atlantic

Striking of a dock, By the Ro-Ro Vessel “KENT ATLANTIC”


Incat 046

Collision Between The Fast Ferry Catamaran “INCAT 046” and The Fishing Boat “LADY MEGAN II”


True North II

Sinking and Loss of Life, Passenger Vessel “TRUE NORTH II”


Spirit of Vancouver Island

Collision, Between, Passenger/Vehicle Ferry Spirit of Vancouver Island and Pleasure Craft Star Ruby, Colburne Passage



Grounding, Passenger and Vehicle Ferry Catherine-Legardeur



Furnace Explosion – Starboard Auxiliary Boiler, Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry Caribou


Joseph and Clara Smallwood

Fire on Vehicle Deck, Roll-on/Roll-off Passenger Ferry, Joseph and Clara Smallwood



Serious Injury, Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry Confederation


Queen of Surrey

Engine Room Fire and Subsequent, Failure of the CO2 Distribution Manifold, Roll-on/Roll-off Passenger Ferry Queen of Surrey


Queen of Surrey

Collision, Between the Roll-on/Roll-off, Vehicle/Passenger Ferry Queen of Surrey, and Assist Tug Charles H. Cates V, Horseshoe Bay Terminal, British Columbia


Queen of Oak Bay

Loss of Propulsion, Subsequent Striking of Berthed Pleasure Craft and Grounding, Roll-on/Roll-off Ferry Queen of Oak Bay


Queen of the North

Striking and Subsequent Sinking, Passenger and Vehicle Ferry Queen of the North


Nordik Express

Striking, Passenger Vessel Nordik Express